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DELAP® Superflex C2T

flexible tile adhesive

25 kg/bag
2658 HUF + VAT/bag

Description of use
Good advice

Good advices for Delap® ornament bricks!

Dear Customers,

We are sorry to experience that sometimes our guide of application is not to be read with proper attention so, we would like to complement it here.

The lifespan of the wall surfaces covered with Delap® sheets mostly depends on the base of the surface not on the materials produced by us.

1. As regards plinths and places with a big water load, lime not be used in the wall surface compensator plaster! Use two times sifted gravel, cement or frost-proof tile glue to avoid water absorption.

2. As regards the buttress of a car hatchway, if the fence-phints are built into the land it is necessary to supply the wall sides with full water insulation where they are being in contact with the land. It is important because if the water absorbs into the wall and it is congeals, the coating together with wall tile glue may detach. This simple physical effect concerns Delap® coatings and other coatings, also.

3. The base of the surface has to have suitable stability, solidity. Let it be dry before coating. If the wall surface absorbent, use universal primer to avoid the sudden desiccation of the wall tile glue.

The wall tile glue has to be in contact with the Delap® sheet's full back surface during the gluing process! After embedding the bigger sheets in the tile glue we roll the sheets with small-sized rubber rollers.

In the interest of the aesthetic effect, we suggest that do not choose light colour tone for the plinths because you can not avoid that dirt pigment getting on the wall paint even the washable wall surface.

While making coloured grout substance, mix the a coloured grout into the white wall tile glue with identical proportion and glue with this mixture. (But, please avoid this!) Do not forget that the wall tile glue itself is the grout substance.
- The wall tile glue should be thinner fluid, than at the time of the gluing of the traditional wall tile.
- Do not glue above +25 °C, because the quality of the gluing is not reliable, and the lifetime of the coating is questionable.
- Do not glue below +5 °C, because in the materials the chemical bond will not set safely, the applied surface may be freeze during the night, the Delap® sheets are very stiff, and may brake easily.
- Please protect the freshly glued surface against direct rainfall.
- For grouting use a 1,5" brush. The still fluid tile glue should be pulled out forming a trough in such a way in the grouting gap that the tile glue should reach up to the edge of the paper.
- Mix the sheets from more boxes in the interest of the random appearance.
- The sheets can be cut with scissors, embedded already in the wall tile adhesive and with wallpaper cutter can be fixed one onto a size. The self-adhesive cover foil may separate from the substances at the edges possibly at the time of a cut. In this case with small-sized rubber rollers (which is usually used for wallpaper installation) move back the self-adhesive cover foil to the material especially through the edges. It is important to prevent tile glue flowing onto the sheets during the grouting process.

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János Erdélyi


E-mail: delap@delap.hu

Gykritat - Agrooter

Delap® Dekor stone


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