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Delap® paneling systems gives aesthetic look for outdoor and indoor surfaces and plinths

It gives asethetic look for outside and inside surfaces and plinths.
Delap® sheets are made with a special method from a mixture of grinded marble and granite.

Delap® sheets are flexibel, colorfast, abrasion-resistant, cleanable (washable), heat and cold resistant.
It can be cut with a scissors, can be bent on archs, angels and corners.
After glued with tile-glue, Delap® will become solid.

The structure of the product is created from randomly cut shapes and sizes of 3-4 mm thick pieces of the sheets.
Unique color and form can be demanded.

Area of usage:
Frontages, plinths, pillars, chimneys, fence-phints, vaults, crubs, rooms, counters, fire places.
It can be used on heat insulator systems .


Ashlaring texture Ornament Brick texture Splitted stone texture Mini splitted stone texture
Archaic brick texture Band texture Decorative stone texture

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János Erdélyi


E-mail: delap@delap.hu

Gykritat - Agrooter

Delap® Dekor stone


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